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Nudes and sexuality presented in exquisite form by Kave

The nude and sexuality are as old as the human race itself. 

To symbolise and reconnect with our more pure form, Kave Art simply states it as it is.

It is a beautiful play on the name of our photographer

Kahrl Augustus VerEk.

On the following pages, is our dedication to the nude, sex and sexuality in all its beauty. Today, there are many sites depicting nudes and sexual acts, but few do these with finesse and beauty. 

At K.A.V.E-Art we like to do things a little differently. Each of our galleries is priced individually, so you only pay for the ones you want. We are always adding new ones, so please sign up to our free newsletter, and you will receive details of new content as it is put up. We believe in a more personal friendly service. If you have any queries, please feel free to email kaveerotica@gmail.com.

Karhl Augustus VerEk has spent a lifetime pursueing beauty and the pleasure attained from it. We hope you enjoy the wonderful experiences shared here by our models and writers.


To model for KAVE, please see the model application page.

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